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3 Things to Remember When Carpeting Your Stairs

February 7, 2022

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carpeted stains inside a home

Do you have carpet floors in your home? Are you looking to extend the same type of flooring to your stairs? When you consider the amount of foot traffic this particular area gets every day, it’s important that you be mindful of the material you use. Otherwise, you could start regretting your decision quite quickly. Here are three key factors to consider when preparing to add a softer touch to your stairs.

You Want Carpet That Will Remain Durable

Between you and your spouse, your kids, and the pets that make it up and down the stairs each day, you’ll want something that can hold up to the heavy amount of foot traffic. Carpeted stairs can become quickly worn if you don’t choose the right material or opt for something less durable. This is why it’s essential that you choose carpeting that can withstand a beating. You’ll also want to consider a fabric that doesn’t shed, as this can be extremely helpful should anyone in your home have severe allergies.

You Want Carpet That Will Be Stain-Resistant

Between countless foods and beverages that are ushered into upstairs bedrooms, a spill is inevitable. Also, unless you require everyone to take off their shoes before entering the house, there’s a good chance dirt from the outdoors will make its way inside your house and all over your carpet.

To minimize the effects of stains, make sure to choose a stain-resistant fabric. Nowadays, companies can provide an array of options when it comes to style and color, but you’ll want to make sure the flooring you choose for your stains will hold up to any possible spills along the way.

You may also find it helpful to choose a darker color or patterned carpet to minimize visible stains.

You Want a Style That Fits Your Home

Whether you like a solid color, stripes, or a brighter shade for your staircase, you want to make sure it aligns with the rest of your home’s décor and style. A popular trend that many homeowners are choosing is to incorporate stripes, as it gives a bit more to the overall aesthetic. Also, because there is a good chance your guests will see your staircase the moment they walk through the door, it catches the eye and can serve as a great talking point.

But also, you may want to consider whether you want to extend the carpet to the wall or go with a simple runner. Much of this decision will be based on the state of your current flooring underneath the carpet.

Your stairs can be a beautiful focal point, so make sure you choose a carpet that keeps your guests admiring this new, comfortable update to your home.

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