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Carpet Flooring – Keller, TX

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The right carpet can instantly make any room look inviting, warm, and comfortable. And, because it comes in such a variety of bright colors and unique designs, it can be an ideal aesthetic choice as well. At Prestige Floors, we offer carpets made of nylon, polyester, triexta, and wool, and we can seamlessly install one into any room so you and your toes will enjoy it for years to come. To learn more about your options and schedule a FREE in-home estimate, contact us today for a consultation to discuss carpet flooring in Keller, TX.

Carpet flooring in bedroom

Why Choose Prestige Floors for Carpet Flooring?

  • Endless Variety of Styles & Colors Available
  • Fiber Options That Suit Every Lifestyle & Budget
  •  Satisfying Homeowners Since 2006

Carpet for Homeowners

Light colored flooring in living room

Does the carpet in your house look tired or harken back to a decade that makes your house seem dated and old? We can easily update it while adding style to your home with the carpet flooring of your choice. We have a wide selection of different types that can help you find the right balance of durability, stain resistance, design, and cost to best suit your needs. We’ll make you look forward to getting home and taking off your shoes every single day!

Commercial Carpet Installation

Durable carpeting in commercial space

Do you need carpet for a commercial space that encounters a lot of foot traffic, dust, or dirt every day? We can provide extremely strong carpet flooring you can trust to work just as hard as you do, plus it will be easy to maintain so you’ll enjoy your investment for years to come. And, just because it’s commercial carpet doesn’t mean it can’t look great as well! We can take your workspace from boring to exciting with one quick installation process. We’ll help you find the carpet that is ideal for you and your business.

Area Rugs

Large area rug in living room

If you have beautiful flooring that you want to protect (like solid wood), then you may be interested in getting a rug for the busier areas of your home or those spots that are constantly exposed to sunlight. We have you covered there as well, as we can help you find and select an area rug from an extensive variety of options. A simple, eye-catching, and luxuriously soft rug can completely change any space for the better, and we make it easy to find exactly what you need.

Carpet Flooring FAQs

How long do I need to wait to place my furniture on my new carpet?

Generally, you can expect to return your furniture to its original location as soon as the carpet is laid. There is no need to wait days or weeks for it to settle. Instead, you can get back to life as normal right away! But before you do, make sure that you take a walk around the space with a professional just to make sure there are no areas that need a quick adjustment.

How do I keep my carpet clean?

How you clean your carpet is dependent on what kind you have put down. When meeting with a professional from Prestige Floors, we will go over the cleaning instructions with you so that you can make sure that your new flooring looks its best year after year. One of the most common factors is the kind of pile you choose (high or low) as well as which material your carpet is made out of. Typically, vacuuming is recommended regularly, but to provide the area with a deep clean, you can expect our team to provide you with additional details on what you can use to get the job done right.

How much does carpet cost?

There is no definite price tag for carpet. Each is different and has its own price point. When meeting with a member of our team, we will go over the various options that are available as well as their cost. A few things that are commonly considered when determining the price of your project include:

  • How much does the material cost?
  • How much does the cushion that is placed below the carpet cost?
  • How much will the installation and labor cost?
  • Will you need to have your furniture moved or will you do it yourself?
  • How much will any additional pieces or trims cost?

Once we answer these questions, we can establish a more complete estimate that will help you to better prepare for the cost of your new carpet.

What is the difference between high and low pile carpets?

The “pile” of a carpet is its height. This is based on the fibers that are used to craft the carpet. Connected to the backing, they can be tall but low-density, while others may be shorter and closer together, allowing for a smoother look. Generally, low pile carpets are commonly found in areas with a lot of foot traffic because they’re easier to walk on. High pile carpets may be placed in living rooms or bedrooms for a lusher and more comfortable surface.

Is carpet food for pets?

It depends. In most cases, yes, you can choose a carpet that is easier to clean and more sustainable when furry friends are roaming. Durable and stain-resistant carpeting is available, which may be what you want to consider. If you have noisy pets, carpet can help mask the sound of any walking, rolling around, or rough play.

You’ll find that by talking to a member of our Prestige Floors team, we can help you choose which carpet will work best for your four-legged friends so that the level of maintenance is minimal.