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Why Should You Choose Carpet Flooring for Your Home?

February 7, 2024

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home with carpet flooring

When it comes to carpet flooring, many individuals are split – they either love it or hate it. For years, it has caused homeowners distress because of the dirt and debris tracked in by pets and young children. However, times have changed, and carpet is now becoming a more beneficial component of homes. If you are considering it for one or more spaces throughout your house, keep reading to learn more about why it’s now a more desirable option than before.

You Can Experience Better Indoor Air

Although carpets of the past may have caused those with asthma or other respiratory problems to struggle daily with allergens and other debris, the fibers used today are much more effective at creating a more breathable space for those with allergies.

Many carpet options today help to trap and filter dust and harmful particles that cause breathing problems. This allows for better indoor air quality so that you and your loved ones can enjoy a haven against allergies and other similar conditions.

You Can Avoid Falls and Injuries

While carpet is not a foolproof way to avoid all trips and falls, it is effective in reducing the number of slips throughout your home. Unlike hardwood, vinyl, or laminate flooring, when a spill occurs, you don’t have to worry about accidentally stepping on it and sliding all over the floor.

Carpet offers optimal traction as well as a soft landing should you or your child take a tumble while at home.

You Can Enjoy Greater Comfort

If you like the idea of your feet staying warm throughout the year, you won’t regret laying carpet in your home. Instead of the hard surfaces that wood and other similar materials provide, the lush fibers of carpet remain soft and comfortable for your feet.

During the winter, spring, summer, or fall, carpet offers a cozy retreat from the concrete areas of the outside world, allowing you to relax more thoroughly.

It Minimizes the Sound of Moving Feet & Paws

Whether it is your high heels hitting the floor with each step, or it’s your dog’s nails clacking each time they walk into the room, wood can be a loud addition to your home. Carpet, however, offers a different result – quiet.

While the idea of sneaking downstairs for a midnight snack may not be something you do (often), the enjoyment of being able to move around your house without everyone knowing where you are at all times can be enough to choose carpet.

You cannot deny that carpet does require upkeep to maintain its cleanliness and beauty, but you’ll find that it is well worth the time and effort, especially when you can walk around quietly, breathe freely, worry less about falls, and achieve optimal relaxation within your home.

About the Company

Prestige Floors is a small, family-owned and operated business based in Keller. As a husband-and-wife team, Benson and Ashley Kelly have been improving and transforming the homes of Keller residents and its surrounding communities since 2006. With years of experience and an eye for design, their team is trusted, bonded, and offers only the very best flooring for eager homeowners. If you’re thinking about putting down carpet in the near future, contact us at (817) 422-5343 to schedule a FREE in-home estimate.

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