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Which Carpet is Right for Your Home?

November 11, 2020

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a little boy wearing headphone and playing on a tablet while lying on the carpet

Whether you live alone or have a house full of kids, carpet flooring can begin to look dingy over time. The elements of the outdoors easily make their way inside by way of shoes, coats, or even the wind. Mud, snow, dirt, and even pet dander can make a beautifully pristine carpet look worn down as the years pass, so what can you do? If you’re planning to make a change to these high-traffic areas of your home, consider the following options when determining which flooring to use.


Oh No! 4 Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid When Cleaning Your Floors

October 25, 2020

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an up-close image of a person cleaning their floors with a modern mop

When having new flooring installed in your home, it’s important that you inquire about the safest, most effective way to clean them. Because shoes, drinks, pets, and natural outdoor elements will eventually find their way onto your floors, using the appropriate tools, products, and techniques will ensure they look their best and last as long as possible. If you want to avoid the potential of having to replace your floors every few years, try to avoid these 4 common mistakes.


Which Flooring is Best for a Dining Room?

October 10, 2020

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an image of a dining room table and chairs on top of hardwood floors

Your dining room is looking less than stellar, and you want to do something about it. Getting a new table and chairs might be one way to improve the look of the room, but if there is still something amiss, it’s probably time to consider changing your flooring. Making sure you have the right type of floors can turn any room from drab to fab, but it’s important you make sure it not only matches the look you’re going for but also the daily wear and tear. Before you decide, spend a few minutes learning more about which type of flooring is most recommended for this particular room in your house.


What to Do with Your Furniture When Preparing for New Floors

September 25, 2020

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a living room full of furniture after the floors have been replaced

Is the flooring in your living room looking dull and lifeless? Does it no longer exude the vibrance and style you desperately want for this area of your home? If you’ve decided it’s time to change the floors, you may be so excited about the potential options and final result that you forget you have furniture that needs to be moved before your vision is complete. Before you start the process, take a few moments to determine how you’ll handle this temporary adjustment.


How to Keep Your Carpet Clean During Winter

September 8, 2020

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a carpeted living room with clean, elegant furniture

Winter brings more than just the holidays and colder weather. It always brings rain, sleet, snow, and other freezing elements that can be easily tracked into your home and onto your flooring. Depending on the material used throughout your house, this can be an easy cleanup or cause you to spend countless hours attempting to remove stains. So how can you keep your carpet looking brand-new throughout the winter months? Read on to find out.


How Textured Floors Can Improve the Look of Your Home

August 20, 2020

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a living room complete with a sectional couch, coffee table, and textured flooring

When preparing to revamp the interior design of a particular room in your home, you’re likely going to be looking at the colors, overall space, and decorative accents. But have you considered what else you can incorporate that will bring new life to this area? Plants, vases, and ornate curtains can only offer so much, but what about textured flooring? Whether in the form of vinyl, hardwood, or laminate, you can add a layer of warmth and depth to your home that generates a natural appearance. Read on to find out what types of texture you can use to enhance your floors.


What Types of Floors Are Trending in 2020?

August 2, 2020

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hardwood floors located in an open area space between the kitchen and living room

Although we’re more than halfway through 2020, there’s still time to keep up with the latest flooring trends to spruce up the look of your home. Wondering if hardwood is the best choice for your living room? Considering large tiles for an outdoor area? Knowing what to select that will match the rest of your home often takes the trained eye of a professional. Before you decide on which flooring you would like to see beneath your feet, check out the trends of 2020.


Laminate Flooring 101: What You Should Know for Your Home

July 20, 2020

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a professional laying laminate flooring in a person’s home

If you believe laminate flooring is outdated, you may want to rethink this notion. Gone are the days of your mother or grandmother’s retro kitchen floors. While you’re unlikely to see these bright and decorative designs anymore, the use of laminate continues to appear in homes today, only with a more modern and cohesive look. Not to mention its durability and similar appearance to real hardwood. Read on to learn more about how this time-tested material has evolved and why its one of the most popular choices found in today’s homes.


4 Reasons to Lay Wood Flooring in Your Home

July 12, 2020

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a large open living room with wood flooring

Choosing the right type of floors for your home is just as important as the appliances, windows, and furnishings. While carpet may be fine for the bedrooms, you want the more highly trafficked areas of your home to withstand the daily wear and tear while maintaining a beautiful appearance. If you are unsure which type of material to use that will give you the aesthetics you want, let a trusted professional share a few reasons why you should consider wood flooring in your home.


4 Benefits of Hiring a Flooring Contractor

June 16, 2020

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a contractor laying wood flooring in a person’s home

As you look around your house, you may be wondering if it’s time to replace your old floors. After years of wear and tear, the once new and vibrant look has now dulled and become significantly worn in most areas. While you might think doing the job yourself will be the most cost-effective solution, you may want to rethink that decision. After all, are you a professional when it comes to laying new flooring? Most people are not, so before you make a run to your local hardware store, why not spend a few minutes learning about the benefits of hiring a licensed contractor to lay your wood flooring.

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